Soil Health Assessment

Note: Many of the soil analyses included in the CARA Soil Health Lab packages are available as individual tests. (Individual prices are in parentheses below.)



Package Analysis


Benchmark Package ($150 +5%GST promotional price): Includes SFW & PHYBIO packages. This is the first step for baseline assessment(s) for monitoring fields or management areas


SFW Package ($130 + 5%GST): Recommended for annual monitoring of fields or management areas. Includes Active & Total Fungi, Active & Total Bacteria, Protozoa and Nematode Functional Groups.


PHY_BIO Package ($80 + 5%GST): Recommended for annual monitoring of fields or management, Total Respiration areas. Includes Soil Texture, Active Carbon, Wet Aggregate Stability.


CHEM Package ($60+): Chemical indicators recommended for annual or periodic monitoring of fields or management practices. 


*Please add 5% GST to all packages and individual sampling orders


Individual Indicators:


Soil Food Web (SFW) Indicators

Active & Total Bacteria ($40)

Active & Total Fungi ($40)

Functional Groups Protozoa ($40)

Functional Groups Nematode ($40)

Root Mycorrhizal Colonization ($40)

E.Coli ($20)


Physical Indicators:

Texture ($15)

Wet Aggregate Stability ($15)


Biological Indicators

Soil Microbial Respiration ($15)

Active Carbon ($15)

C:N Ratio ($25)

Potentially Mineralized Nitrogen (unavailable at this time)


*Please add 5% GST to all packages and individual sampling orders


At this time we do not have online payment, we ask that you include a cheque (enclosed in a Ziploc bag) for the appropriate amount.





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*Please add 5% GST to all packages and individual sampling orders

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