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Upcoming CARA Soil Health Lab Events

Join us for this exciting Soil Health Webinar series with 2019 WCCSHG speaker Joel Williams! All webinars are free to attend, sign up:


The Dirt on Soil Health


*For all ages

Looking for a Meeting Space?

Does your local Business or Club need a meeting room?

Contact our office for more information on renting our meeting room.

2023 - Management Altrernatives for Soil Health

Please join us in Oyen, AB for a CARASHL Soil Health Mini-Conference on March 22 2023. Presentations in the morning will be from the Scientists Perspective focused on understanding the processes and functions of soil health. In the afternoon there will be presentations from the Farmers Perspective. Producers will be discussing how to improve soil health at the farm-level.

2023 - Management Alternatives for Soil Health


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