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When can I expect my results? 

Please expect an email with your results in 4-8 weeks.


How do I pay? 

The CARA Soil Health Lab will be sending an invoice once we have when the samples have been analyzed.


How do I know that my samples arrived safely? 

You will not automatically receive a confirmation that we received your samples, however, if you wish to email (carashl@telus.net) and ask to receive a confirmation, we can let you know when they arrive.


What is different about Soil Health testing compared to my usual soil test?

A standard soil test measures the chemical profile of a given soil. The Soil Health Assessment assesses the chemical, physical and biological balance of the soil.


When should I use the Soil Health Assessment Test?

A Soil Health Assessment can be used annually to measure soil health and the impact of management practices over time. Samples should generally be taken at the same time of year and from the same location if possible or similar location.


If your soil is from a known county/area that has a Soil-Borne disease (example Clubroot), please notify staff so as not to spread any soil-borne diseases and to ensure proper quarantine Protocols are followed.


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