'The Soil Health' Class

*For all ages

The Soil Health Class provides unique, hands-on learning opportunities for students, producers & industry to learn about Soil Health. The program has been carefully designed to focus on the link between Soil Health and agriculture. Learning takes place at the CARA Soil Health Lab in Oyen. In small groups, classes will have the opportunity to travel through a series of stations, participating in hands-on activities while they learn about different ‘clusters’ of Soil Health.


*Classes require 4 or more participants to operate, please fill out the Signup form to inquire about upcoming dates and for more information.

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Student Testimonies

Emerson Cowell, age 11:


On September on the 22nd I, along with my family went to the CARA Soil Health Lab in Oyen.  When we got there Yamily got us to package our soil and label it Numbers 1 to 5. Then she showed us the equipment and tools that she has in the lab as well as some of the soil she had tested. She had us put 5 glass slides in a case and then put 6 test tubes in a holder. Once we got into the room with the microscopes she also showed us how to put the numbered soil into the test tube with the same number and then shake it up.  After you do that you take a dropper and put a drop on a glass slide and then drop a slide cover on holding it at an angle and put it under a microscope.  When I looked at the soil under a microscope I would say that Number 3 was the best soil.  I saw a couple of hyphae, a lot of bacteria, and a few nematodes.  I liked every part of it and I think it was very cool and awesome.

Elena Cowell, age 11:


On the 22nd of September, 2018, we went to the CARA Soil Lab to see if our soils were any good or not.  When we first got there Yamily showed us around the lab.  Then we put all our soils in different bags and labeled them.  Then Yamily showed us how to use a Microscope.  She showed us how to put a little bit of soil into a test tube and fill it most of the way with water, then shake it really well and squirt a drop or two onto a glass slide.  Then you put a cover slide over top of the drops and put it under the Microscope.  I saw quite a bit of hyphae and a couple of nematodes and bacteria.  I don't really think I had a favourite part, but I think it was really fun and I enjoyed it very much.