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  • Depending on what you are looking for download the submission form for Soil Health Packages 2024 Submission Form or the Individual Soil Analyses.

  • Fill in the necessary information.

  • Print two copies of the forms (one to send to us and one to keep for your records. 

  • Insert into the shipping box.

  • Save a copy for your records.


Forms to Download

CARA's Sampling Protocols

CARA’s Soil Health Sampling Protocol Guidelines

2024 Submission Form

CARA's SHL 2024 Submission form to send to us to review.

Infield Data Sheet

We offer individual tests (that are included in our packages)

Analysis Pricing

Description and a price breakdown of our offerings

Crop & Package Codes

Complete list of the Crop and Package Codes that we use


Need to reach us or have any questions? Feel free to reach out. 

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